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I highly recommend Jayden Fenrich! She worked wonders with my son. He's gained so much knowledge from her! Using it in daily practice. I myself as a parent have also learned a lot from her. She's very informative. Would use her services again in a heartbeat!

Jennifer, Parent
Child's Age: 4 years old

We worked with Jayden on and off for about a year (my son was age 3-4.) Over that time period, my son made a massive improvement in not only his speech, but also his confidence. Jayden was always extremely patient with my son (even when I was not) and got him to work very hard all while making it fun.
I consistently recommend Jayden to friends and family and wouldn't hesitate to contact her again if needed!

Caity, Parent
Child's Age: 4 years old

My daughter is diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech, a speech motor planning disorder. Throughout her life we have seen multiple speech pathologists, so I think I'm qualified by my own experience to say that Jayden is an excellent SLP, and a good person. She is always prompt, professional and seems to have boundless energy with little ones. She is patient and kind. One of her strengths is that she is very easy to talk to making it easy for my somewhat shy daughter to immediately feel an attachment to her. Beyond this natural friendliness she knows her stuff. She has an ability to pickup and understand speech that is not intelligible to most. She is incredibly helpful in directing parents and teachers for the ongoing, somewhat constant support that they give their kids throughout the day. 
I would recommend Jayden Fenrich for anyone in need a speech pathologist, especially if you are looking to help or diagnose a young child.

Kelsey, Parent
Child's Age: 4 years old

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